How do I use the Kit?

With regards to using the kit you only wear the Care Suit and the Silicone Strips in the day time. Then at bedtime take both off. Do your 5-10 minute massage and then leave the residue oil on the skin to penetrate.  

In the morning shower as usual then repeat 🖤 

Can I replenish my tools when I run out?

Yes. All existing customers may replenish the supply of their kit at any time.  Whether that be purchasing an additional Suit, or more Silicone Strips or Oil please email us your Full Name (and Original order number; we can locate this if you don't have it) to request this.

Why do I need to wear the ‘Care’ Garment?

There are many many articles and medical journals that support the use of compression garments post surgery (bias to no particular brand or type of garment). But, Whether it be abdominal, breast or liposuction surgery a plastic surgeon will not discharge you from hospital without prescribing that wear a compression garment for the months post your surgery. This is because after any kind of surgery the body’s natural defence mechanism is to create pockets of fluid to protect the incision site. Wearing the compression suit ensures that these pools of fluid disperse evenly through the body and do not collect and solidify in an uneven way (such as around the incision point, thus creating the mummy pouch). 

But perhaps most importantly they also support a more healthy internal healing. Wearing a compression garment that provides even pressure around the abdominal area hugely supports the healing process. Helping to maintain healthy blood circulation around the treated tissues so they can heal quickly and limit the risk of blood clot formation. 

How long do I need to wear the ‘Care’ suit?

We advise wearing the garment as soon as you are signed off by the GP (at around 6 weeks) when the incision is fully healed and closed. We recommend that you wear the suit for at least 4 months post surgery... Or longer if you desire. 


Do I wear underwear below or on top of the ‘Care’ suit? 

The ‘care’ garment is to be put on directly over the naked body (hence there are holes provided for easy toilet access). The Care suits are always to be worn over the silicone strip (which should already be covering the incision point).  After the care suit is on you put knickers over the top of garment. This may seem strange at first but the wearer quickly gets used to it. 

Can I buy the products individually?

With regards to the correction of the the Scar and indeed the Pouch, our research has shown that it is not just one of the tools that will achieve the optimal healing and corrective results, but all three of them working together are required to accomplish this.  Only when all three tools are working in conjunction with each other can the best result be attained. Omitting one or more of the tools would not guarantee the same end result.

The Care Suit does indeed disperse the fatty cells that gather around and above the incision, but they also promote a more efficient blood supply to the area so that your overall internal healing can improve.  The Massage with the Oil will seek to break down the layers of scar tissue that form on each of the 7 layers cut during the surgery.  This will remove the 'shelf' that forms allowing the pouch of fatty cells to rest upon it.  Finally the Silicone Strips will not only soften the surface of the scar and encourage it to be flattened, but they also keep the area supple which will aid in the breakdown of the 'shelf'.  In addition the Silicone Strips will also hugely help to reduce the size and colour of the surface of the scar helping to make it look more invisible and closer to your own skin's natural colour and texture. 

How tight should the ‘Care’ suit be? 

Obviously the Care suit is designed to apply a certain degree of compression to the abdominal area. In addition to the fluid dispersion and promotion of blood circulation, the compression of the suit will also aid to support the back and help with the abdominal muscles that are knitting back together. So whilst it shouldn’t be suffocating in anyway, the user needs to aware of the compression they can feel when in the garment. We have given a size guide however if you have put on <25% of your prepartum weight during pregnancy it would be advisable to purchase the Size 3 garment. When fastening the garment it ought to be 2-3 inches wide before you hoist it closed to ensure that adequate compression is achieved.  

Why use the silicone strips? 

The use of silicone dressings post-surgery is well documented as being gold standard for achieving the best aesthetic results following surgery. Wearing these daily (for between 12- 16 hours a day) will ensure that the the scar is given the best chance to heal. The longer the silicone strips are worn the more superior the results will be. We advise wearing them for at least 4 months but they may be worn for up to 12+ months for the best results if desired. 

How do I clean the silicone strips?

Each silicone strip can be worn for up to 2 weeks. Washing the strip gently using your fingertips with mild unperfumed soap and warm water will ensure it best retains it adhesive back. However the length of wear will vary from person to person depending on their body’s natural oiliness. 

We recommend washing the strip every 2-3 days, depending on the build up of skin cells that you can see on the adhesive side.  Washing the strip before you go to bed at night and leaving it to dry on the perspex strip is advisable as it will ensure that it is dry and ready to be worn the following morning. 

Please see Instagram reels for video clips on how to wash your silicone strips.

Where do I store the silicone strip whilst I am not wearing it?

There is an perspex strip provided in the box on which the silicone strips can be stuck to (for the duration of the 2 week lifespan) when you are showering / sleeping / massaging your oil on to your incision. 

Can Silicone strips be used on older C section scars? 

Yes. Whilst they have been proven to be most effective when applied on young / immature scars, they can still treat and help with older scars (up to 4 years post surgery) especially those that may be keloid / raised or pigmented. 

How do I massage the oil on to my scar?

Massaging the oil on to the scar should be done at your own pace. You must NOT massage open wounds or incisions that show signs of irritation or infection.  If you are clear of any of this signs you should be aiming to massage the incision daily (preferably in the evening before you go to bed so that the healing oil can soak in to the scar and lubricate it whilst you sleep). You should apply a good slug of oil over the incision. Then using your index finger and middle finger massage the incision gently in small circular motions. You should aim to slightly increase the pressure of the massage as the weeks go on; as and when you are able to, and when the scar become less sensitised to touch. Please check out our Instagram page for tips, videos and advice on massage.  If massage is painful do not continue to do until you are further healing has taken place and you are better able to withstand the manipulation to the incision.  Listen to your body and conduct your decisions accordingly.

How long will it take to notice an improvement?

The treatment duration of our kits is prescribed to 4 months.  How long it will take to visibly notice an improvement will vary from individual to individual, depending on many factors.  Older scars may take longer than the prescribed 4 month period, therefore continued use is recommended if the scar continues to improve after the initial treatment phase.  Individual results will vary.

What should I do if I notice a reaction on my skin to any of the products?

You should stop using ALL of our products immediately if you notice any chance to the colour, temperature, look, and feel of your incision and consult a doctor.  Out products are NOT STERILE so are not intended to be used on open wounds and incisions.