Having identified what appears to be a marked chasm in services and providers for women’s post caesarean recoveries, we at CSection Correction are seeking to change this. Training and education are at the heart of our ethos. Our mission is to help women better manage their physical and psychological recovery following their abdominal births.

More often than not women undergo this major surgery without any kind of mental preparation or indeed any knowledge about the kind of procedure they are required to have…..And worse are then discharged from hospital armed with nothing. No knowledge, tools or advice or to aid the gruelling aftermath that is the reality of this highly invasive operation.

With the NHS maternity system (alone excluding private hospital figures) seeing the numbers of caesarean births quadruple in recent years, it has become starkly aware and increasingly worrying that the number of women now having to seek private solutions to ensure their bodies can recover in the best way possible after their abdominal births is rapidly escalating. All in with the same view in mind that they can manage the plethora of complications that they are experiencing as a direct result of the negligent way that they are discharged from hospital with no recovery plan in place.

Women must then seek alternative help and treatments through a variety of channels such as private pelvic health physicians, women’s health physiotherapists, private gynaecologists, private antenatal clinics and even private midwives to get the proper care and support they need after surgery, when more often than not their bodies don’t properly heal or recover after their Caesarean births. All of which is done to compensate for the lack of aftercare and services available to them from the local maternity units and or their GP practitioners.

Alarmingly despite this huge surge in numbers of Caesarean births (which is placing a huge financial strain on the NHS maternity allowances) there has been no evidence or emphasis to indicate that any budget has been placed into improving training of staff within the NHS infrastructure. Be it for the midwives in the maternity wards themselves or for midwives in the community actually visiting patients at home; sometimes with severely infected or complicated abdominal scarring.

We specialise in all aspects of the scar recovery after this particularly invasive surgery, The Caesarean. From deep rooted scar abnormalities, abrasions and fibroids (which lead to a variety of pelvic complications, sometimes organ dysfunctions and frequently chronic pain), to the surface treatment of over healed scars in the form of hypertrophic and keloid scarring. We also cover the general ‘topical health’ of the incision and ways to prevent and treat infections if they do arise.

In addition to providing support and education for the physical recovery of the procedure, our services also also include the psychological side effects that many women experience, and negative connotations associated with abdominal deliveries.

We work closely with The Mummy MOT; a dedicated group of specially trained women’s pelvic floor practitioners who provide antenatal check ups for women to assess their health and progress following child birth. This network of postpartum recovery specialists, who are all trained to perform a unique and specifically devised pelvic examination, have clinics spanning the whole of the UK, performing some 70,000 treatments per annum on women seeking alternative private care solutions for their postpartum needs.

For more information about our consultancy and education services and how we can help improve your post CSection Recovery programs please contact for more information.